Mia and Whitney Troy-Vowell encountered the same conundrum many pet parents face when forced to leave their dogs for any period of time… they had to find the perfect place to board them, as several of their dogs had special behavioral and medical needs. After trying a few options in the area, from daycare to in home boarding, they continued to have trouble finding a reliable option when it came to the care of their dogs.

Shortly thereafter, with the support of her husband Whitney, Mia decided to leave her decade long career in the realms of marketing, advertising, public relations and communications to open Oh my DOG. Because Mia and Whitney had such high standards for just the right facility for their dogs, they are in a perfect position to provide you with the quality dog care that you expect for your babies.

Mia graduated with a BSBA, majoring in marketing, from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. Mia can be found working the front desk at OMD on most afternoons, in her spare time she enjoys spending time with her own dogs and reading.

In an energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate manner, Whitney brings many years’ worth of experience and knowledge from his background in human services and work in general construction; all of which combined have been instrumental in his success working with dogs, as well as a business owner. Whitney is a proud husband, father, and dog-lover, and in his free time enjoys spending with his family at home.


Though I’ve only been working at OMD for less than a month, I have a few years of kennel/ daycare experience from other facilities. I went to school for furniture design but found myself wanting to work with animals. Like people, dogs have their own personalities and quirks and I enjoy getting to know each dog in a safe and clean environment where they can socialize and play together. I find it rewarding to see a shy or anxious dog become more confident over time. When I’m not working I like to play with my two dogs, Elmer and Bella Rose, or work on an art project.

Oh My Dog is the place to be! There is a huge sense of pride that goes into knowing we are providing the absolute safest and most enriching environment for dogs to come socialize and play with other dogs. Every employee at Oh My Dog has something special about them contributing to us being an incredible team of dog loving enthusiasts. You can see the amount of care that everyone gives and it is the most rewarding and positive work environment I have ever been a part of. I acquired my dog grooming certification in 2012 which has taught me so many skills that I still use today and I have been working with dogs professionally since 2013 whether it be at other dog daycare/boarding facilities, grooming salons or at local animal rescues. Although I have a special place in my heart for poodles and doodles I love dogs of all kinds! My hobbies outside of Oh My Dog include dog sitting, spending time with friends and family, and being with my amazing dog Baby Girl.


The best part about working at OMD is the connections I’ve made with the dogs over the years. It’s so rewarding working with them and no matter what kind of day I’m having, they always put a smile on my face. The dogs have taught me patience and to enjoy the little things in life. When I’m not at Oh My Dog, you can usually find me on the lake, with my own dogs, riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, enjoying the local breweries, or studying for my degree as a veterinary technician. I have two dogs- a 9 year old Staffordshire Terrier named Jada and a 3 year old Pit mix named Otto and they are the absolute light of my life!


Moving from West Virginia to Vermont I was determined to find an enjoyable, laid-back job working with the demographic I love, dogs! I’m so glad I joined the OMD family! The dogs are happy, the employees are happy, and we all share the same passion for dogs. I enjoy getting to know all the pups that come in and watching them foster new friendships and engage in safe play. Learning new things and befriending new dogs is such a rewarding experience. Animals are a big part of my life, so when I’m not working, I am spending time with my own dogs, or venturing out on a new rescue mission.


My favorite part of working at OMD, is seeing happy dogs and happy owners! It is impossible to have a bad day working here! I have a soft spot of fluffy puppies, when I see them my heart melts! I volunteered in the past at the humane society, and grew up with 5 dogs in my house. I’ve gained such a better understanding for dogs just from working at OMD. When I’m not at work I enjoy fishing, snowboarding, kayaking, and traveling the world!


Hannah studied expressive arts therapy at Burlington College. With learning and exploring creative and unique outlets for ways to deal with stress, happiness and just everyday life she found that the most comforting and easiest form to connect with was animals, but more so- dogs. Hannah has 5+ years working with dogs. From learning experiences at other dog daycare facilities, volunteering, a kennel assistant and adoption counselor at Salem Animal Rescue, and the growing experiences at Oh My Dog.

Hannah says, “My favorite part about working at Oh My Dog would have to be the team that I am apart of, and of course. the dogs. Getting to know the personalities, and quirks about each pup that comes to visit us is so rewarding. I’ve always had a pull towards the more “socially awkward” nervous type. Seeing them open up and “get loose” over time is so special and creates such a strong lasting bond, Almost like a best friend.
Behind me, and all of that I have my team to thank. The communication, support, drive and passion we all share is what sets us up for success everyday a dog and client walks through our door. The team at oh my dog aren’t just
my coworkers they are my family.”

Within this short but expanding life of hers, she can proudly and confidently say that this is not just a job, its a way of life. Hannah has hopes to one day start her own small rescue to be an advocate and voice for dogs in need. For now, she enjoys her time with her Fiance, two dogs Linus and Dobby, and family exploring and eating her way around Vermont.


Working with dogs is a pleasure because patience and creativity are rewarded when you look to understand what dogs need to be happy and safe in a crowd of dogs all seeking the same thing in their own strange ways. I helped raise my goddog for the first six years of his life before his family moved across the country, and the dog companionship at OMD has been wonderful. Between my coworkers and the dogs, there’s a lot of ways to learn. If I am not with dogs, you can find me with my books. I come home to a one-eyed dog named Flash.


I have been with the Oh MY DOG family for just about two years. I moved to VT from NY after getting my B.S. in Animal Behavior at Utica College, planning on continuing my work with dogs. Before I joined the team I had worked in the pet care industry for over six years and at a variety of facilities. I am being sincerely truthful when I say Oh My DOG is the best. I come to work every day excited to see all of my coworkers, two and four legged.

When not at Oh My DOG I also walk dogs and pet sit, but when I have that chunk of free time you can guarantee I’m spending time playing outside in the playground that is The Notch with my two dogs Gunner and Kaia. Together, we hike, ski, mountain bike, and even paddle board.


What I like the most about working at oh my dog is getting to see so many sweet, furry faces every day! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we can provide a safe, clean and fun environment for parents to drops their dogs off at and have the parents be comfortable while they are away. On days that I am not at oh my dog I enjoy getting a breath of fresh air and spending time with friends and family.


I love working at OMD for one simple reason; I love dogs. The pups that I get to play with every day have taught me patience, love, kindness. And along with the dogs my co workers have shown me what it’s like to work in an environment where I can be myself, wholeheartedly. Being part of this team has made my life a brighter place, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


I have been working at Oh My DOG for over two years now, and I truly enjoy coming to work every day. Engaging with the dogs and their different personalities, as well as meeting new dogs coming in to join the pack, make this job fun and unique. I have always enjoyed being around dogs, and although I don’t currently own a dog, I hope to in the near future.


I love working at OMD because the energy is positive, the people are passionate, and the dogs are happy. The environment is one I am proud to be a part of and I find myself learning new things every day I work. If the dogs are happy, I’m happy — and vice versa. One of the most rewarding feelings is working with dogs that are a little more shy or timid. Getting them to open up and be comfortable always brings a smile to my face and (of course) a couple of belly scratches to the dogs! I have one dog of my own, Skye, who loves hiking and and fetching sticks, and snoozing. Outside of work, soccer is a large part of my life, and I enjoy being out in nature in general — volleyball, frisbee, hiking, swimming. Anything as long as I’m with the people (and dogs!) I love.

I’ve worked as a daily dog walker in Atlanta and Brooklyn but OMD is my first doggy daycare. Working here is actually more fun than walking pups because our objective here is healthy play or relaxation! Ive learned a lot because I get to watch dogs be dogs every day and getting to supervise their fun is always hilarious. When I’m not at work I make art and tend to houseplants. I also have a wonderful dog named Amos.



I started working with dogs in early 2001, but the most lovely experiences by far have been at OMD. My favourite part of the day is inspiring confidence in a dog, getting the shy kids to express themselves and play their sweet faces off! I love to bring the new guys into the yard and get them moving towards some excellent new friendships!


The thing that I like the most about working at OMD is that every day is a learning experience. Whit and Mia have established a very positive “we can do it” attitude with everything that’s done at OMD. This positive vibe makes for a fun and very rewarding place to work. I have 5 dogs, two of which I have trained to hunt rabbits and one that is learning to hunt raccoons. I have learned a great deal about myself and the nature of energy by working and being around dogs all day. Dogs are my life and I love it! I was always surrounded by dogs growing up, I was always comfortable around dogs, but intimidated by dogs I did not know. That intimidation soon faded away after I starting working at OMD, I have learned to respect the nature of dogs and have gained an understanding of how they operate. Fear is simply not knowing! When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, my beautiful wife and son are my world!! I love to hunt with my dogs and going fishing, anything that will get me outside, or in the woods…Count me in!


Being a huge dog lover my entire life, it was only fitting that I work at a doggy daycare, and Oh My Dog was my number one choice. I absolutely love working here; I have some of the best co-workers, amazing bosses, and the dogs are so much fun to work with! I have two dogs of my own, Nala and Bella, they are my four-legged children. Outside of work, I like to hang out with friends, enjoy the outdoors, read if I ever get the chance, attempt to bake without burning down the house, doodle in my sketchbooks, and sing whatever song pops into my head.


Getting to know each dog is what I like most about working at OMD. There are plenty of familiar faces each time I come in but lots of new ones too. It’s extremely rewarding to manage a pack smoothly with a great crew each day. When I’m not working I’m either at the rink playing hockey in a men’s league or relaxing talking dogs with my good friend Ben Draper. I don’t currently own any pets but a dog is in my future.


Working at Oh my Dog is like being a part of a family. Everyone brings positive and compassionate energy with them everyday. This energy is palpable and helps to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere for the dogs who are always happy to be there and see their OMD family. It’s a unique and amazing work environment, although it rarely feels like work. When I’m not at OMD you can find me racing Cyclocross, Triathlon, and nerding-out on Grateful Dead. I dont have a dog right now, although I do have a few favorites. I love the retrievers and am excited to be able to bring my knowledge of training and handling working retrievers to OMD’s training program.


I just love being with the dogs and getting to work with other amazing people who have the same passion for dogs that I do. I feel so lucky to be working at the best pet daycare in Vermont. It doesn’t feel like work at all. All of my pets now live with my parents but they also live in Burlington so I get to see them all time. I have a rat terrier named Odie, two cats – Meeka and Georgie, two cockatiels Romeo and Jewel and a psychotic but lovable sun conure named Pita. I love being outside – doing everything or nothing. I often go for long walks through the woods with my dog and my brother’s Australian shepherd. Sometimes, my parrot Pita even comes along. I also love long boarding, biking, snowboarding and hiking.