Oh my DOG is proud to offer specialty services and snacks to customize and compliment your furry friend’s day or stay.

Add-on Description Cost
Day Program Included with all overnight stays, your dog will enjoy 8 hours of daily supervised group play. Included
Morning Walk A brisk walk in the morning for your pet to stretch their legs and get their morning off to a great start! $5/day
Evening Stroll A leisurely walk in the evening to wind down your dog’s day and get them ready for a restful night. $5/day
Personalized Playtime 20 minutes of one-on-one playtime for your pooch with one of our certified Pack Leaders. Your furkid will spend their time participating in the activity they love most; playing fetch, tug, frisbee or agility, followed by a rejuvenating nap. $8/day
Departure Bath For those pet guests that need a basic bath (shampoo, conditioner and towel dry) before going home to their parents. $25
Pawticure Nail trim $16-18
Ear Clean A mild, nonirritating, cleansing and drying otic solution formulated to help prevent bacteria and reduce the odor of the ear canal. $8
Brush/Blow out Deep brush and or/blow out to bring out that lustrous coat $15
Tasty Treats
Premium House Food We proudly serve Fromm® Adult Classic food, naturally formulated with chicken, brown rice, real cheese, and whole eggs – fed in accordance with the daily requirements based on weight and age of your dog. $5/day
Cookies Grain-free Salmon, Bacon, and Veggie cookies are sure to have your pup drooling! 10¢ each
KONG KONG Classic filled with an all-natural peanut butter. Great for those active chewers! $3 each
Bully Stick 6″ bully stick for active chewers $6.50 each
Dental Chew Greenies Dental Chews feature a unique design and chewy texture that cleans teeth and freshens breath. $1.00 each
Duck Foot A dry-roasted crunchy treat from USA farm-raised duck, 100-percent grain free with no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. $1 each
Pill Pocket GREENIES PILL POCKETS® all-natural treats have built-in pouches to easily hide pills and ensure your dog takes their medication. 25¢ each