For our boarding services, we strive to give your dog the best amenities possible to ensure a calm, comfortable, and restful stay. Understanding that dogs have varied preferences as to where they would feel most at ease during rest, we offer four options for rest times; top of the line Mason Company boarding suites for complete privacy and AKC Certified welded wire runs, as well as Mason Company Quiet Cottages and Vari-Kennel six-point crates; the safest, most secure crate in the industry. Your dog’s comfort, safety, and ability to have balanced rest are of utmost importance to us; we feel our varied boarding options will certainly meet their needs. Most importantly, all of our accommodations are large enough that you can bring all creature comforts from your own home for your dog to enjoy, from bedding, clothing, to toys.

Our exterior play areas are unmatched in Vermont. We are very proud to give your dog the best in play space, and with K9Grass as the surface your dog will play on, we can ensure your pup can run, play, and jump as much as they want to, without concern for safety from a slippery surface, or from unwanted elements such as stone, concrete, or blacktop which can cause injury. And here in Vermont, that also means no mud! If your dog prefers to be lazy, lay around and simply observe, perfect! Our play space is just as comfortable as your back yard after your weekly mow, without the loose blades of grass and grass stains.

Does your dog love the water? Do you enjoy clean paws when you pick them up? Perfect. Your dog can play all day in the pools and in the sprinklers; you’ll never have a muddy dog awaiting you, or muddy paw prints on your work outfit or your nicely upholstered vehicle. Consistent with the visual appeal of the turf, all play structures are hand-built from beautiful red cedar; our belief is to as best we can avoid the use of any plastic structures for your pet to play on. All structures were built to be accommodating to all sizes of dogs; whether yours is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, he or she can engage themselves on any of our structures with ease.

From a safety perspective, there are many less chances for unwanted injury or accident, and from an energy perspective, our belief is that with natural products and recycled ones we are creating the most comfortable environment for every dog.

Our indoor surface is recycled rubber, by far the best product in the industry for both the safety of your dog, and from a sanitary perspective. Rubber floors ensure that regardless of how much your dog loves to run, and regardless of the presence of water on the floor, there will be no chance that your pup slips and gets hurt. Sealed rubber allows us to keep the floor sanitized and disinfected on a constant basis even while in use, the cleaning product we use on the floor is 100% dog safe and friendly and is designed for precisely our application.

Consistent with our exterior play area, all structures are built from cedar, and built to accommodate all sizes of dog. If your dog prefers to lounge around, raised beds are available for he or she to either kick back and watch, or catch a quick nap. Along with our boarding amenities, for daycare clients during rest time we use a combination of Mason Company Quiet Cottages, AKC Certified kennels or Vari-Kennel crates for naptime, which is always supervised by one of our Canine Handlers to help foster and grow healthy behaviors within enclosures for your dog.

Just as important as the environment provided to your dog, the methods and products we use to keep the shared and personal areas completely clean, sanitary, and disinfected are critical. For all outdoor areas, crates, and runs, we are proud to use the Wysiwash system, by far the most effective and efficient sanitizing system in the industry at killing viruses, bacteria, and other organic contaminants that put dogs ‘ health at risk in any canine environment.

For indoor areas, we use HDQ, KOE, and Kennelsol, all three are top of the line products supremely effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and naturally, all cleaning solutions used are dog-friendly. All of the products have not only our clients’ safety in mind, but our local environment as well; all three are biodegradable. Every shared area at our facility gets disinfected twice daily; our effort to provide your dog the safest and cleanest area to play knows no bounds.