What are the benefits of taking my dog to daycare?
There are so many! Dogs are social pack animals and benefit from being able to interact other dogs. They’ll learn to get along with others, get some great exercise, and just have some good old-fashioned fun! It also eases your mind knowing your dog is being entertained in a healthy way while you’re gone rather than redecorating your living room!

Can I tour and visit the facilities prior to arrival?
Of course! We would love to show you around. Our hours are from 6:30am – 7pm, 7 days per week. We are an open door facility, but do suggest an appointment ahead of time. The best times to visit are mid-morning (10am – 11:30am), during naptime (12:30 – 1:30pm) and early afternoon (2:30pm – 3:30pm) but we can accommodate any day and time with notice.

Can someone other than myself drop off, or pick up my dog?
Yes, but please contact us prior to arrival to make proper arrangements with check-in paperwork and payment.

What method of payments do you accept, and do I pay when I drop my dog off or when I pick up?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and check. Payment is due at check-out, some clients prefer to prepay at drop-off, whichever you prefer is fine with us!

Is there an initial interview that my dog must complete in order to attend daycare?
Upon arrival on first visit, there will be some paperwork to be filled out, including a client intake profile that will cover information, which will help us know more about your pup and ease the transition into pack. Beyond the paperwork, we do not conduct a formal interview or consultation prior.

Does OMD provide food, or do I need to bring in my own dog’s food? Can I bring in dry food and/or wet/raw food?
We recommend you to bring your dog’s food. If you forget or run out, don’t worry! We can feed your pooch our house food, Fromm Adult Classic, to your specifications for only $4 per day. We have a refrigerator to store any wet or raw food during your dog’s stay.

Can Oh my DOG administer my dog’s medication? Is there an extra fee?
There is no charge for administering medications. We will gladly administer your dog’s medication or cater to any special needs your furry family member may have. At check-in, please inform our front desk staff on time of day, dosage and best way to administer the medication. We are happy to administer meds in a Pill Pocket for only $1 per dose.

Can I bring in my dog’s own toys, treats and bed?
We suggest you do what’s best for your dog and for your own peace of mind. We do provide bedding in every suite, but some people prefer for their dogs to have the familiarity of their own bedding and toys. We provide a complimentary bedtime treat at the end of each night.

Is there a schedule of activities?
Yes, the schedule includes times of play, rest, and feeding.

How are the new dog introductions in Daycare handled?
Based on our assessment, we will determine the rate at which your dog is ready for group play. A slow introduction with one to two of our regular daycare dogs is usually where we start. Please understand that we must err on the conservative. Sometimes dogs don’t get along for unpredictable reasons and must be isolated for the safety of all our guests.

How are the corrections administered and what provisions are there for avoiding fights?
OMD Pack Leaders always monitors the dogs’ behavior to avoid incidents. Again, we consistently err on the conservative side, if we have cause to believe that a dog may start a fight, we will promptly remove them from daycare as a precautionary measure. From a pack handling perspective, we use voice and touch to redirect negative behaviors and reinforce positive ones.

Are the dogs supervised at all times when they are together?
Your dog will never been unsupervised while in group. Depending on the day and volume we will have anywhere from one to four Pack Leaders working at any given time.

What will keep my dog occupied are in the outdoor play areas?
OMD’s outdoor yard is complete play structures for climbing on and hiding under, agility equipment to test their skills and balance, large canopies for shade or cover from a light rain, and elevated beds and platforms for lounging and napping. During the summer we bust out some furry favorites… such as the kiddie pools and sprinklers! The dogs could ask for nothing more!

Do the dogs ever get time to wind down from the flurry of activity?
The dogs nap quietly in their individual suites and crates from noon until 2pm. Naptime is supervised by one of our Pack Leaders, helping to keep the dogs calm and quiet, before the afternoon session of playtime. We learned by experience that dogs appreciate this time away from each other to recoup from the morning playtime.

Is there a great deal of noise/barking?
We strive to keep the dogs quiet during play, we encourage positive behaviors, which includes being not too noisy or mouthy, encouraging appropriate one-on-one play (no ganging up), no frenetic energy like chase. Most dogs spend more time napping, sniffing, wrestling, and playing happily rather than barking. Dogs are the loudest with new visitors and at exciting times like drop off and pick up.

How will my dog behave after a day at Oh my DOG?
Dogs generally will drink a lot of water, eat, and then sleep through the night and into the next day.

Still have questions?
Just ask! We love talking about what we do and are more than happy to help. Come visit us and learn why OMD truly is the best environment for your pooch!