Oh My DOG is unique in many ways, and our training services are no different. We believe in options and making sure your dog has every opportunity to succeed. Blake and Sean all have distinct outlooks on training, below you’ll find short readings which offer a more detailed look at each of their practices. 

Blake & Upper Hound K9 Training 

The training that I offer is behavior modification (manners), inside and outside of the home, and general obedience. This covers everything from help with crate training to being able to stay grounded in the home, and then taking this outside with leash work and staying grounded and calm amid lots of stimulation. I do a lot of attraction work, which through play, helps with grounding and recall. It’s a very naturalistic approach and takes a bit more time but once learned is very effective!

I can do sessions here at OMD, at your house, local park, you name it. The first session is usually figuring out the issues at hand, how we might fix them, and how to begin moving forward.

I can be reached at (802) 299-7750 or at [email protected]. If you are in need of my services please feel free to reach out any time.

Sean & Adventure Dog Training

Sean loves the Retrievers and brings his knowledge of training and handling working retrievers and field dogs to OMD. Hunting dogs require solid obedience both on and off lead as well as the ability to stay focused during times of very high stimulation and distraction. Sean has adapted the progression and techniques used to train hunting dogs to work equally well for companion dogs. Whether in the home, on an adventure, or in a duck blind, obedience and knowing what is expected of them is the foundation for a well mannered pup.

Sean teaches obedience, lead work, and handling and offers private and group classes for new pups, adult dogs, and their owners.

Sean can be reached at [email protected] or Mon-Fri mornings at OMD.