Hannah studied expressive arts therapy at Burlington College. With learning and exploring creative and unique outlets for ways to deal with stress, happiness and just everyday life she found that the most comforting and easiest form to connect with was animals, but more so- dogs. Hannah has 5+ years working with dogs. From learning experiences at other dog daycare facilities, volunteering, a kennel assistant and adoption counselor at Salem Animal Rescue, and the growing experiences at Oh My Dog.

Hannah says, “My favorite part about working at Oh My Dog would have to be the team that I am apart of, and of course. the dogs. Getting to know the personalities, and quirks about each pup that comes to visit us is so rewarding. I’ve always had a pull towards the more “socially awkward” nervous type. Seeing them open up and “get loose” over time is so special and creates such a strong lasting bond, Almost like a best friend.
Behind me, and all of that I have my team to thank. The communication, support, drive and passion we all share is what sets us up for success everyday a dog and client walks through our door. The team at oh my dog aren’t just
my coworkers they are my family.”

Within this short but expanding life of hers, she can proudly and confidently say that this is not just a job, its a way of life. Hannah has hopes to one day start her own small rescue to be an advocate and voice for dogs in need. For now, she enjoys her time with her Fiance, two dogs Linus and Dobby, and family exploring and eating her way around Vermont.