The thing that I like the most about working at OMD is that every day is a learning experience. Whit and Mia have established a very positive “we can do it” attitude with everything that’s done at OMD. This positive vibe makes for a fun and very rewarding place to work. I have 5 dogs, two of which I have trained to hunt rabbits and one that is learning to hunt raccoons. I have learned a great deal about myself and the nature of energy by working and being around dogs all day. Dogs are my life and I love it! I was always surrounded by dogs growing up, I was always comfortable around dogs, but intimidated by dogs I did not know. That intimidation soon faded away after I starting working at OMD, I have learned to respect the nature of dogs and have gained an understanding of how they operate. Fear is simply not knowing! When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, my beautiful wife and son are my world!! I love to hunt with my dogs and going fishing, anything that will get me outside, or in the woods…Count me in!