We are happy to offer you basic spa services for your pup, whether be a bath and dry, nail trim, dremel, brush out, or ear cleaning. Please understand for a variety of reasons we do not offer skunk or flea baths, for both the safety of your pup and others, and we no longer offer full service grooming services, but can happily suggest and refer you to friends in the industry locally that do an exceptional job. Please see our menu below for for current offerings.

For general nail trim, please let us know if your pup has anxiety based behaviors related to trimming, we do our best to make sure the finished product is your liking, but are careful to make sure it is as comfortable as can be for your pup, if we feel the experience is an uncomfortable or stressful one for them, we will avoid trimming nails; as we want their experience here to always be a positive one.

2021 Rates:                                                                                                            

Nail Trim: $16.00

Dremel: $18.00

Bath and Dry: $25.00

Brush Out: $15.00

Ear Clean: $8.00