Mia and Whitney Troy-Vowell encountered the same conundrum many pet parents face when forced to leave their dogs for any period of time… they had to find the perfect place to board them, as several of their dogs had special behavioral and medical needs. After trying a few options in the area, from daycare to in home boarding, they continued to have trouble finding a reliable option when it came to the care of their dogs.

Shortly thereafter, with the support of her husband Whitney, Mia decided to leave her decade long career in the realms of marketing, advertising, public relations and communications to open Oh my DOG. Because Mia and Whitney had such high standards for just the right facility for their dogs, they are in a perfect position to provide you with the quality dog care that you expect for your babies.

Mia graduated with a BSBA, majoring in marketing, from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. Mia can be found working the front desk at OMD on most afternoons, in her spare time she enjoys spending time with her own dogs and reading.

In an energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate manner, Whitney brings many years’ worth of experience and knowledge from his background in human services and work in general construction; all of which combined have been instrumental in his success working with dogs, as well as a business owner. Whitney is a proud husband, father, and dog-lover, and in his free time enjoys spending with his family at home.



What I like best about working at OMD is the fact that it rarely feels like “work”. You’re seeing important, sometimes difficult tasks through, but you’re more likely than not to have fun doing it. In my free time I try to skateboard everyday. I have two dogs named Sampson and Ari. They have more friends than I have.


My favorite things about working at OMD is I get to be around dogs. I learn just as much everyday from them as they do from me. Secondly, the staff here is great and the same can be said about our supportive clientele. In my free time I enjoy playing music with my friends and going to Phish shows. My favorite thing to do is work with “aggressive” or “problem” dogs, which I have an affinity for. I hope one day to work almost exclusively with these types of dogs as a trainer. I own a mastiff-mix named Diesel (Bub), and a Maine Coon cat named Big Mert.


I’m an aspiring biologist at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida, but I’ve returned home for the summer and have the pleasure of working at Oh my DOG! I’ve lived in Vermont for the past 14 years and this summer I’ve been working here and it has given me a glimpse at what a career in animal care might be like. In my free time I love to play volleyball. I have one dog and he is an Australian Shepherd, his name is Fergus.


The thing that I like the most about working at OMD is the atmosphere and general work environment. Whit and Mia have established a very positive “we can do it” attitude with everything that’s done at OMD. This positive vibe makes for a fun and very rewarding place to work. In my free time I very much enjoy being outside. I am sports fan so a good chunk of my free time goes to watching football, hockey, or SportsCenter. I have a longhaired lion lop rabbit named Gizmo and a cheagle puppy named Jack Daniels (seen in my bio pic under my right shoulder).


There’s so much I love about OMD: from our awesome clients to our amazing staff, it’s just an all-around spectacular place to work.  I’m excited to come in each day and be creative with our media and put my camera to work.  Of course, bringing my 2 dogs (Cooper – Shepard/Husky + Boxer/Pitbull and Violet – Chihuahua/Beagle) to work is also a huge perk.  When I’m not at OMD, and I’m not working from home, I’m out skateboarding or working for my freelance video/photography business.  My at-home pack consists of my girlfriend, our cat and 2 dogs, all of which firmly believe we fit on a queen size bed, which is by-far, my favorite place to be after a full day of work.


Being a huge dog lover my entire life, it was only fitting that I work at a doggy daycare, and Oh My Dog was my number one choice. I absolutely love working here; I have some of the best co-workers, amazing bosses, and the dogs are so much fun to work with! I have two dogs of my own, Nala and Bella, they are my four-legged children. Outside of work, I like to hang out with friends, enjoy the outdoors, read if I ever get the chance, attempt to bake without burning down the house, doodle in my sketchbooks, and sing whatever song pops into my head.


Getting to know each dog is what I like most about working at OMD. There are plenty of familiar faces each time I come in but lots of new ones too. It’s extremely rewarding to manage a pack smoothly with a great crew each day. When I’m not working I’m either at the rink playing hockey in a men’s league or relaxing talking dogs with my good friend Ben Draper. I don’t currently own any pets but a dog is in my future.


What I like about OMD is working with all of the awesome pups!
My dogs are Crosby the pit/vizsla mix and Brew the chi/italian greyhound.
In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my dogs, running, and adventuring.


My favorite parts about working at Oh My DOG are that Mia and Whit care so much about the happiness of their employees and that the work environment fosters success in learning how to handle and relate to dogs of all personality types. I have two awesome dogs of my own, a chocolate lab named Ru, and a terrier mix named Nizzy. In my free time, I enjoy learning new things, spending time outdoors, and doing headstands.


My favorite part about working at OMD is definitely getting to know all the dogs and being able to work so closely with them. It’s also a huge plus that my co-workers are amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. Outside of work I love to be active participating in outdoor activities and relaxing from my 3 jobs. I have a kitten named Fitzgerald (fitzy) who is the biggest trouble maker in the world! Hopefully I’ll have a puppy running around soon!


My favorite part of working at Oh My Dog is the amount of positive energy that everyone puts forward everyday, and how that positive energy is reflected in the attitudes of the dogs. Getting to meet so many dogs of all sizes, ages, and personalities is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. In my free time I enjoy hiking with my girlfriend, snowboarding, and spending time with my pup. My dog Stella is a pitbull mix who has the power to steal your heart with one glance.


My favorite part about working at Oh My Dog is the breakthroughs you make with rescues, new dogs, or dogs that just take time to warm up. There is no better feeling than a dog accepting both yourself and your pack and vice versa! Being outside for 4-8 hours a day- preferably cold and snowing- with marvelous coworkers will always make my day. Outside of work I enjoy watching FC Barcelona, skiing, and hiking in the winter with my family dogs (Mia- 10 y/o Siberian husky x Border collie and Lily- 2 y/o Great Pyrenees x German Shepard).


Working at Oh my Dog is like being a part of a family. Everyone brings positive and compassionate energy with them everyday. This energy is palpable and helps to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere for the dogs who are always happy to be there and see their OMD family. It’s a unique and amazing work environment, although it rarely feels like work. When I’m not at OMD I enjoy riding and racing fixed gear track and single speed cyclocross bikes, and nerding-out on Grateful Dead. I don’t have a dog right now (although I do have a few favorites), but it’s inevitable. I love the retrievers and would like to get back to training and handling field dogs.


The best part about working at Oh My Dog is being around people who share the same obsession for dogs as me! I love meeting all the dogs and learning each of their individual personalities! When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. My fiancé, Peter, and our three dogs, Jada (staffordshire terrier), Sprocket (American Bulldog/pit mix), and Otto (staffordshire terrier). I also like doing anything outdoors- snowboarding, dirtbiking, hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking.


My favorite part of working at Oh My Dog is the positive and caring vibe that everyone has about them. Interacting and working with dogs daily is rewarding and leaves me with a smile on my face. In my free time, I snowboard, hike, mountain bike, and hang around in my hammock. I have a dog, Jericho, a husky/shepherd mix, three cats, Clawed, Mitchell, and Lou, and a beta fish, Nighthawk.


I just love being with the dogs and getting to work with other amazing people who have the same passion for dogs that I do. I feel so lucky to be working at the best pet daycare in Vermont. It doesn’t feel like work at all. All of my pets now live with my parents but they also live in Burlington so I get to see them all time. I have a rat terrier named Odie, two cats – Meeka and Georgie, two cockatiels Romeo and Jewel and a psychotic but lovable sun conure named Pita. I love being outside – doing everything or nothing. I often go for long walks through the woods with my dog and my brother’s Australian shepherd. Sometimes, my parrot Pita even comes along. I also love long boarding, biking, snowboarding and hiking.


My favorite part about working at OMD is the positive atmosphere. Everyone works together so well, and has fun while doing it. This creates not only a wonderful place to walk into work, but also a healthy space for all of the dogs to thrive. Outside of work I enjoy doing anything outdoors: swimming, hiking, and especially camping. But when the weather is less than decent, I like watching movies and drawing. I just adopted a special needs beagle puppy named Green Bean, and she’s the new light of my life. I can’t wait for her to grow up with OMD being a big part of her life.


The best part about working at OMD is that I am surrounded by spectacular dogs and inspirational people. I love getting to know each dog’s unique personality, and I learn something new from my coworkers every day. In my free time I enjoy doing yoga, geocaching, eating good food, and hiking the beautiful VT mountains. I have one pup named Stella—a pit mix with the biggest heart in the world!


My favorite part about OMD is learning all the different personalities of the dogs. My hobbies include drawing, watching movies, and going on random adventures with my friends. I have one dog, Moxie! She’s basically my child – I love her.


My favorite part of working at OMD is getting to see all the friendships that are made. Especially when a shy dog comes in for the first time, that’s when the pack welcomes them and opens them up. I have one pitbull/boxer that melts my heart with one look and his name his Zeus.


My favorite part about OMD is learning all the different personalities of the dogs. My hobbies include drawing, watching movies, and going on random adventures with my friends. I have one dog, Moxie! She’s basically my child – I love her.